Thistle Golf Club & Estates

With a deep tradition, Thistle Golf Club and Estates is not your average golf course and facility. They pride themselves in their attention to detail and an old-fashioned, classic style of golf.

The course design itself is majestic, given 4.5 Stars by Golf Digest for six straight years. Part of that rating also was awarded to them for their conditioning and service, and this is what sets them apart from many other courses. You will feel like royalty, and you will understand the tradition they stand for when you visit this course.

Located in the South Brunswick Isles, it sits near plenty of local attractions. The climate here lends itself to great temperatures nearly throughout the entire year.

Edinburgh, Scotland is considered the place where golf was born, and the book they published was called “Rules of the Thistle Golf Club”, where this facility gets its name. They work hard to embody the care and sportsmanship that was put into this book, offering nothing but the best in a day’s worth of golf.

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