Wild Wing – The Avocet

The Avocet is one of two golf courses that are part of the Wild Wing Plantation, with the other being The Hummingbird Nine. It was designed by Larry Nelson and Jeff Brauer and is a definite local favorite in the Myrtle Beach area.

The holes on this course are aptly named, corresponding with each one’s unique character and challenge. Hole #9 might be the most famous of the 18, and is called “Valley of Sin”, named after the one at St. Andrews. It is known to appear rather easy upon first glance, fooling golfers into thinking they can let down their guard for even a moment. But that’s one of the great things about this course; things are not always what they appear to be! Let’s just say there’s a very unusual putt waiting for unsuspecting victims…

What more can be said about a course such as this? Well, there’s an excellent Player’s Lounge where you get get together with others who have braved this course and discuss winning – and failing! – strategies over a beer or a tasty glass of wine.

It’s no wonder this facility is one of the prizes of the Myrtle Beach area.