Tidewater Golf Club and Plantation

Tidewater Golf Club and Plantation opened its doors in 1990, and was immediately loved. Numerous awards and nominations have been given to this beautiful course of the years, and with good reason. It is known for well-manicured fairways and overall maintenance, with a special eye on taking care of their bunkers.

Another big draw of this course is its challenges. The best golfers will find that it can be very challenging at times, yet even a novice can have a blast without feeling like he/she is out of his league.

Both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine have given this course very favorable reviews, with their course appearing in these prestigious multiple times.

They also have wonderful restaurant with an elaborate menu. Some courses offer just a few staple dinners, while the Tidewater Clubhouse Grille has an extensive menu, including large salads, sandwiches, and much more.

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