Man o’ War Golf Club

Man o’ War Golf Club is one of three courses in the Mystical Golf world. Known for their acute eccentricities, these Mystical Golf courses are unlike any other golfing experience. Quirky and fun – yet completely legitimate and professional – these courses are area favorites, and this brand of golf is sweeping the area with its ingenuity.

If a person were to describe the Man o’ War course in one word, it would undoubtedly be “water!” The lake itself is essentially part of the course, making it seem other-wordly – or at least out of an apocalyptic movie where the earth is covered in water, yet golf still remains.

That said, the water is not the hazard that one may think. While it certainly frames the course and dares you to be a free-swinger, the right amount of skill and shot placement can give any skill level of golfer the time of his life at this creative nook.