Leopard’s Chase Golf Course

Leopard’s Chase Golf Course is the newest of The Big Cats, opening its doors in 2007. It has already received immense critical acclaim, being called a masterpiece by many who have had the pleasure of playing this course.

One of the greatest scenes on the course is the way the 18th hole just up and decides to drift to the left and end up with a waterfall – a waterfall! Even veterans who have played many courses throughout the years have described this scene as “immaculate” – high praise from some of these experts.

While scenery takes a front seat on this course, that doesn’t mean that challenge and fun aren’t driving the car. There is something for everyone on this course, so there’s no need to be intimidated if you’re just starting out. Five sets of tees make this an experience the whole family can enjoy, with just enough challenges to make you think twice about your shots. Elegance and class.

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