Legends Golf & Resort – Parkland

The Parkland Course is one of five acclaimed courses at Legends Golf and Resort (the others are Heathland, Moorland, Oyster Bay, and Heritage). Variety is key at this facility, offering a course for each and every whim a golfer could imagine.

Parkland rests along Heathland and Moorland, both of which have won awards. Parkland, not to be outdone, is steadily growing in popularity and is becoming a fan favorite for its excitement. Parkland is very different from its siblings, offering a landscape that is beautiful in its own right, yet with subtle changes that become more noticeable throughout your game. The deep bunkers and greens with multiple layers will remind you of this.

Strategy is the name of the game at Parkland. Be prepared to use the old melon as you consider which approach to use on each hole!