Eagle Nest Golf Club

The Eagle Nest Golf Club, owned by Dick Elliott, is one of the esteemed courses that helped set in motion what has eventually become the center of golf in the Southeast. He planned to create a course that was relaxing, affordable, and entertaining. He succeeded, and Eagle Nest to this day continues to be a favorite among local golfers and travelers alike.

The doors to the facility were opened in 1971, but they didn’t stop there. Remodel after remodel after touch-up has allowed the course to stay on top of its competitive game, not to be outdone by newer courses.

The rich history and tradition goes along with being a mainstay and critical part of the Myrtle Beach community. Respected for the course itself and for the positive effect the facility and organization has had on the area, it continues to earn the respect and camaraderie of the area’s people.

Courses Facts

Name of Course:Eagle Nest Golf Club
No of holes:18
Course Rating:72.2
Slope Index:126
Total Yardage:6901
Womens's Yardage:5105
Green Type:Champion Bermuda
Sunday Alcohol:After 12:00 P.M.
Course Designer:Gene Hamm & Associates
Spike Allowed:
Year Founded:1971

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